How to Journal?

Our journals are simple and there is not one right way to journal but we can give you some tips.

  1. Find a quiet place and block out the same time daily to fellowship with God.
  2. Spend time in God’s presence first, worshipping, praying and reading your bible to align yourself.
  3. Listen to what God is saying to you and pour out your mind on the page. I can’t say what will come to your mind but it may look like scriptures, songs, stories, memories, prayer points, visions, whatever it is write it down.
  4. Just begin.

Benefits of Christian Journaling:

✟ Helps you to remember God’s work and faithfulness
✟Helps you to grow spiritually.
✟ Helps you to reach spiritual goals and recognise breakthroughs.
✟ Helps you when you are feeling discouraged or weak in your faith as you can look back.
✟ Helps you to slow down and focus on God.
✟ Helps you to express your true feelings with God

This has been tested for over a year by the founder herself, and she has worked on this journal for 8 months to perfect it.